THREE HAIR+NAILS Shows in October!

****In the HAIRandNAILS Gallery space, 2222 E 35th St, on display now: Painting Show 2022! Open hours Thursday-Sunday 1-5pm through October 23rd.

****Kim Benson LONG SWEET GONE is on display at TOA Presents in partnership with Rob Sherer(the Orange Advisory), located at 655 19th Ave NE, Suite 104. Open hours  11-2pm through November 20th.

HAIR+NAILS and TOA Presents are pleased to announce Kim Benson — LONG SWEET GONE, an exhibition of paintings that continue Benson’s process of “doing and undoing” her rich, abstract surfaces.
References to Renaissance paintings, whether in image or color palette, populate many of Benson’s canvases, establishing a historical ground for exploration and excavation. Materially and metaphorically, representations dissolve under a multitude of strategies that include sanding, stenciling, casting, and extruding, as well as more traditional modes of application by brush. The result of this ouroboric process is LONG SWEET GONE, a series of hallucinogenic abstractions that at times feel solid and sculptural like a stucco wall and at others like a gossamer curtain undulating in a soft breeze.
In navigating the history of painting as well as her own excessive processes of repetition and erasure, time emerges as a conceit in Benson’s work; viewer and artist are together suspended in geological, art historical, personal, and anthropocenic time scales materialized in paint.
Artist bio:
Kim Benson received her MFA from University of Wisconsin, Madison, and her BFA from the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, MN. Her paintings have previously appeared at HAIR+NAILS in her solo exhibition HELL DAISY (2020) and group exhibitions The Human Scale at Rochester Art Center (2021), NADA Chicago Invitational (2019), HAIR+NAILS at 9 Herkimer in Brooklyn (2019), and Relief—Three Fresh Approaches to Building Surface (2018). Benson’s work has also appeared at MANA Contemporary (Chicago), Museum of Wisconsin Art (West Bend, WI), Plains Art Museum (Fargo, ND), Bockley Gallery (Minneapolis). She has attended residences at La Macina di San Cresci, Adams State University, McCanna House with the North Dakota Museum of Art, Jentel Foundation, and the Soap Factory. Benson is an adjunct professor of art at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

TOA Presents is a flexible exhibition space in the Northeast neighborhood of Minneapolis, created as a brick-and-mortar extension of The Orange Advisory’s commitment to supporting emerging and mid-career artists. TOA Presents primarily functions as a rotating venue for national and international galleries seeking to connect with Twin Cities audiences through one and two month-long residencies. Since launching in August 2021, TOA Presents has collaborated with 10 galleries from Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and San Francisco to feature the work of more than 40 artists.

And also…
Painting Show 2022, 19 painters contributing 1 painting each, 60” x 40”. This one will take place at the HAIRandNAILS Gallery space.

Here’s the roster:

Lee Noble

Mary Griffin

Andrea Qual

Gregory Rick

Rachel Collier

Joe Schaeffer

Ryan Fontaine

Emma Beatrez

Kristen Sanders

Mathew Zefeldt

Matt Momchilov

Lauren dela Roche  (courtesy of Bockley Gallery)

Autumn Garrington

Christina Ballantyne

Maiya Lea Hartman

Jonathan Herrera Soto

Cameron Patricia Downey

Bruce Tapola

Kieran Myles-Andrés Tverbakk


In late October we’ll be opening our second solo show of the work of Moises Salazar, this time they will be taking over the whole space. Can’t wait to let you know more about that soon!