HAIR + NAILS is pleased to present It’s My House, a solo exhibition of new paintings and sculpture by Chicago-based artist Moises Salazar. This is Salazar’s second solo show with the gallery.

In the artist’s words:
It’s My House is a celebration of survival and queer liberation. It’s a show for the kweens, like me, that wanted dolls instead of toy guns. It’s a show for all the children that were reprimanded for wanting something that wasn’t for boys/girls. It’s a space to reflect on the lasting effects of our gendered upbringing and defiantly imagine our own visions of play, familial bonds, and identity.
Using the common children’s game “playing house” as inspiration, the exhibition challenges outdated ideals rooted in traditional family dynamics. “Playing house” is a game universally played across different cultures and communities. It’s a form of make believe where players take on the roles of a nuclear family. Common roles include parents, children, a newborn, and pets. The game often involves toys reflecting domestic settings such as, playhouses, kitchens, and driving. It’s My House highlights the social pressure that we experience when we are subjugated so young with rigid ideals of gender and familial expectation.
It’s My House highlights how damaging it can be for queer children when we are forced into molds by gender-based marketing. Using altered children’s toys, paintings of family photographs, and images of provocative figures in settings of play, the exhibition honors the anguish we as queer folks endure and celebrates the life we achieve when we overcome these hardships.”
— Moises Salazar

19 painters contributing 1 painting each, 60” x 40”. This one will take place at the HAIRandNAILS Gallery space.

Here’s the roster:

Lee Noble

Mary Griffin

Andrea Qual

Gregory Rick

Rachel Collier

Joe Schaeffer

Ryan Fontaine

Emma Beatrez

Kristen Sanders

Mathew Zefeldt

Matt Momchilov

Lauren dela Roche  (courtesy of Bockley Gallery)

Autumn Garrington

Christina Ballantyne

Maiya Lea Hartman

Jonathan Herrera Soto

Cameron Patricia Downey

Bruce Tapola

Kieran Myles-Andrés Tverbakk


In late October we’ll be opening our second solo show of the work of Moises Salazar, this time they will be taking over the whole space. Can’t wait to let you know more about that soon!