*Emma Beatrez Technolust 3000 is now over

We are currently on a short break as we get ready for an exciting Fall programming season, our 7th!

Our first show of the Fall will be a solo show of Kim Benson’s paintings. We will be co-presenting this with Rob Sherer and it will be at The Orange Advisory gallery space. This will open October 1st, 6-9pm. Keep a look out for more info soon.

*Next up will be a show of 19 painters contributing 1 painting each. The Painting Show will open October 4th, reception from 7-10pm in the HAIRandNAILS Gallery space.

Here’s the roster:

Lee Noble

Mary Griffin

Andrea Qual

Gregory Rick

Joe Schaeffer

Rachel Collier

Ryan Fontaine

Emma Beatrez

Kristen Sanders

Mathew Zefeldt

Matt Momchilov

Lauren dela Roche

Autumn Garrington

Christina Ballantyne

Maiya Lea Hartman

Jonathan Herrera Soto

Cameron Patricia Downey

Bruce Tapola

Kieran Myles-Andrés Tverbakk


In late October we’ll be opening our second solo show of the work of Moises Salazar, this time they will be taking over the whole space. Can’t wait to let you know more about that soon!