We’re excited to announce our schedule for the first half of 2023. We begin the year  by inviting three artists to take over the gallery. Nancy Julia Hicks, Maddie Granlund and Judith Shuǐ Xiān will be creating environments that will include a performance or time-based component. Look for public events and open hours the second half of February.

Then it’s a two person show with New York based artist Christopher Corey Allen and soon-to-be Los Angeles based painter Christina Ballantyne. Opening March 11th.

Christopher Corey Allen, “Untitled”. Plaster, pigment, glue, water, wax, honeycomb, oil and sand. 30”x16”x4 1/2”. 2022

Christina Ballantyne “Chuck & B” (2022) oil on canvas.

After that, opening April 22nd we will be presenting a solo show of work by Cameron Patricia Downey who is coming off of an incredible 2022. Can’t wait to see what they’re up to this year.

And finally, rounding out the first half of our 2023 schedule will be a solo show by painter Gregory Rick whose powerful figurative scenes of compelling historical narratives can currently be seen at SFMOMA. Gregory will be taking over the entire gallery space with all new work, opening June 3rd.

Here’s to an exciting 2023. Happy New Year!

CAMERON PATRICIA DOWNEY “Alt(e)r” (2022) plush items, dining chairs, plastic, aluminum, LED lamp, concrete, resin. 96”x 24”x 24”

Gregory Rick “Crispus Attucks and John Brown walk into the forest”. 2021. Acrylic, oil, collage on unstretched canvas with grommets. 108”x 144”x 1⁄2”