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is pleased to announce OAKLEY TAPOLA Organelle || GREG RICKThe DANCING Plague , concurrent solo art exhibitions of new paintings at HAIR+NAILS opening October 9, 2021. A homecoming show for two artists who came up in the Twin Cities and have cultivated strong personal artistic paths in California and NYC.
Oakley Tapola has previously exhibited with HAIR+NAILS in the group show FUTURE FUTURE (2020) and Greg Rick in RIGHT NOW (winter 2020/2021) and currently in The Human Scale at Rochester Art Center.

Also, we hope you can visit the HAIRandNAILS curated museum show, The Human Scale, at Rochester Art Center, up through October 24th .

What does it mean to be human? Individually and collectively, where are we headed and on what paths have we traveled to arrive at this moment? Each of the artists presented here approaches these foundational questions from unique perspectives, using an array of methods, with answers that often take the form of more questions. The Human Scale uses art to tell a story of the human being that embraces all of our contradictions, ambiguities and eccentricities. The most direct way to consider our “scale” is our size, but we can also look at scale from the perspective of time, or our lifespans, or the way we function as a singular organism, or as a group. The Human Scale also explores the different ways in which artists depict the human form, or less tangible aspects of ourselves such as consciousness or emotion. This exhibition is firmly rooted in our present moment, and, taken as a whole, offers one possible version of where and what we are right now.

Isa Gagarin
Pao Houa Her
Jim Denomie
Maggie Thompson
Gregory Rick
Manal Kara
Maiya Lea Hartman
Jonathan Herrera Soto
Kim Benson.
Sarah Dwyer
Moises Salazar
Emmett Ramstad
Erick Medel
Candice Davis
Christopher Corey Allen
Erin Smith
Rachel Collier
Cameron Downey
Lindsay Rhyner
Kaz K Sherman
Monsieur Zohore
Emma Beatrez
J.H. Shuǐ Xiān
Lee Noble