Open hours 1-5pm every Thursday – Sunday through July 24th

HAIR + NAILS is thrilled to announce TECHNOLUST 3000, a solo exhibition of new paintings, sculpture, and installation art by Minneapolis-based artist Emma Beatrez.
Beatrez brings a wild array of materials — rhinestones, Mountain Dew, neon, paint on canvas — and an acute sensitivity to how objects in space talk to each other.

An undiluted list of the artist’s inclusions/influences:
Cyborgs • Portals • Weeping Madonna • Catholic iconography and framing • Escapism • Indefinitely wet surfaces • Reflective screens • Midwest iconography • Hardware • Proximity • Wishing wells. • Material interventions • Cyclops double mirror • Studded surfaces • Turning the space in on itself • Surface tension • Club aesthetic • Angels and demons • Sparkling cheap surfaces • Uncanny • Bodybuilding • Pain, Pleasure, and Desire • Labels turned poetry • Body • Glistening pixels • Rhinestone bitmap • Mudflap girls • Neon • Tears like crystals • Semiotics • Tattooed surfaces • Glistening dewy webs • Duality • Absence of the body • Data fog • Memory • Uncertainty avoidance

2222 1⁄2 E. 35th St. Minneapolis, MN 55407

DATES: Friday, June 17 – Sunday, July 24, 2022

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, June 17, 2022, 7:00-10:00pm

***Open hours every Thursday through Sunday 1-5pm beginning Saturday June  18th through through July 24th


–In addition to open hours, individual appointments available 7 days/week via –air circulated by central air, open doors, and HEPA air filters.
–Masks required in the gallery.
–Continuing consultation of CDC and MDH. Adjusting plans accordingly as advised.