HAIR+NAILS Contemporary Art Gallery is pleased to host:

HAIR+NAILS Summer Show:
1) Island Queen Satan FlowerVacation House
2) Mary GibneyMindhole
3) Emma Beatrez, Shirin Ghoraishi, Lee Noble, Nora SpiekermannAlso, Put It In My Bath

Open hours: Fri/Sat/Sun 2:00-7:00 & by appointment thru July


HAIR + NAILS Contemporary Art Gallery

2222 ½ E. 35th St. Minneapolis, MN 55407


1)Island Queen Satans Flower is handmade clothing, produced sound, sculptural forms and painted imagery. IQSF is opening their first pop-up shop within Hair and Nails as an experiment in craft and business. Everything in the installation is for sale.

2)Mindhole by Mary Gibney is an excavation, a mini-museum of my mind. A pileup of art and detached heads (hung, stacked or impaled). I’m attracted to peculiarities, ephemera and scraps, and unexpected results. I believe that everything created by hand is a self-portrait.
Mary Gibney is a Minneapolis artist who is inspired by body parts, faces, weirdos and misfits. She has been in shows at Soovac, Rosalux, TuckUnder Projects, Made Here/Artists in Storefronts, Gallery 71, 801 Washington and many other spaces. She has a BFA from the University of Minnesota.

3)Also, Put It In My Bath is a collaborative exhibition by Emma Beatrez, Shirin Ghoraishi, Lee Noble, and Nora Spiekermann with their guest Botond Vitos, exploring displacement, disorientation, memory, and natural phenomena. In a space where the sensual and the technological can intermingle, the audience is invited to soak and be seduced by light, scent, voice, and touch.