RYAN FONTAINE // A Pale and Simple Light // 1.15.2022 – 2.26.2022

A Pale and Simple Light, a solo art exhibition of new paintings, sculpture, and installation opened January 22, 2022 at HAIR+NAILS in Minneapolis. For the first time since his solo show (the gallery’s inaugural exhibition) “Object in Hair Room and Other Arrays” in 2016, Fontaine will take on the entire HAIR+NAILS storefront space.

“In some ways the show is about what I have learned about this building in that time, observations of how people move through it and how artwork lives within it. Using color, industrial materials, video, light and plants, this exhibition explores themes of architectural and biological space and structure, spontaneous methods of repair, as well as an overall consideration of the complex and likely unsustainable systems we are existentially dependent on. “ – Ryan Fontaine