EMMA BEATREZ // Technolust 3000 // 6.17.22 – 7.24.22

HAIR + NAILS is thrilled to announce TECHNOLUST 3000, a solo exhibition of new paintings, sculpture, and installation art by Minneapolis-based artist Emma Beatrez. Beatrez brings a wild array of materials — rhinestones, Mountain Dew, neon, paint on canvas — and an acute sensitivity to how objects in space talk to each other.

An undiluted list of the artist’s inclusions/influences:
Cyborgs • Portals • Weeping Madonna • Catholic iconography and framing • Escapism • Indefinitely wet surfaces • Reflective screens • Midwest iconography • Hardware • Proximity • Wishing wells. • Material interventions • Cyclops double mirror • Studded surfaces • Turning the space in on itself • Surface tension • Club aesthetic • Angels and demons • Sparkling cheap surfaces • Uncanny • Bodybuilding • Pain, Pleasure, and Desire • Labels turned poetry • Body • Glistening pixels • Rhinestone bitmap • Mudflap girls • Neon • Tears like crystals • Semiotics • Tattooed surfaces • Glistening dewy webs • Duality • Absence of the body • Data fog • Memory • Uncertainty avoidance

Artist bio:
Emma Beatrez is a transdisciplinary artist from Minnesota. They graduated from Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2020 with a MFA in Interdisciplinary studio art. Beatrez received their
BFA with an emphasis in oil painting at North Dakota State University in 2018. Beatrez is the co-founder/curator at Nightclub Gallery in Minneapolis alongside artist Lee Noble. Their recent work deals with ritual, body, proxemics, desire, and simulation through material, light, sound, and scent interventions.

Beatrez has previously exhibited with HAIR+NAILS in group shows “RIGHT NOW” (2020-1), “The Human Scale” (at Rochester Art Center, 2021) and contributed an episode to HAIR+NAILS TV

TECHNOLUST 3000 is Beatrez’s first solo show at HAIR+NAILS and runs June 17 – July 24,