NUMBERS PUSHERS // Tynan Kerr // 9.21.18-10.20.18

Numbers Pushers included paintings made from pigment bound in beeswax and egg yolk exploring alchemical processes in wobbly landscapes inhabited by fountains, broken ladders and death’s heads.  They were accompanied by wooden chainsaw carvings coated in neon wax and plaster.
Waxed Potatoes and ceramic salt water batteries were tapped in an attempt at harvesting small amounts of power at a moment when it is easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless.  These approximations of ancient battery technologies activate the sculptures with mild electrical currents.  There was a potato powered trans-cranial-direct-current-stimulation device, self-powered lights for dark days, and an attempt at radio broadcasting a Dream Numbers Station whose channeled rambling transmissions bubble out in a stream.  Tune in or tune out.  Looking towards an increasingly perilous future, the work was made in the spirit of wonder at being a living part of the big phenomenon.

About the artist:
Tynan Kerr is an artist living in Los Angeles, CA. His upcoming show at HAIR+NAILS was his first in Minneapolis since moving to LA in 2015.  He is an alumn of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and recipient of the Jerome Emerging Artist Fellowship as half of the painting duo AMTK with Andrew Mazorol.  Past exhibitions in Minneapolis include shows at The Bockley Gallery, The Soap Factory, and Art of This among others.

Tynan also exhibits as one-half of collaborative duo AMTK.