OBJECT IN HAIR ROOM & OTHER ARRAYS // Ryan Fontaine // 9.29.2016 – 11.12.2016

Ryan Fontaine — Object in Hair Room

San Francisco-based artist RYAN FONTAINE moved to Minneapolis and put a shit ton of elbow grease into the new gallery in one short month to ready it for this exhibition of 14 new works. The Front Room included oil paintings in a large variety of materials including gold pigment, found objects, and epoxy resin. Fontaine’s fascination with masking tape evidenced in stencils of strips of tape, molds of balled-up tape, the molds themselves on display. So many hairs. BackRoom was prepared half-white/half-black and lit for precise shadowing through former recording studio windows bringing drama to three works encompassing Eclipsed Hair Room. Similarly, the 3 works in the Basement were presented as an array — In Other Rooms. The viewer corralled down a narrow path to reach the tall, curvy, bound forms that were self-lighting, projecting the 2-d painting on Calendar.

On November 11, H+N hosted Gas Gallery and Press’ Evening of Words and Sounds.

An artist conversation about the show between Ryan Fontaine and writer/curator Sheila Dickinson on a wicked cold night so soon after the election inspired talk about the art and the role of art in the Big Picture.