PRV’S // Lindsay Rhyner // 1.5.17 – 2.9.17

Lindsay Rhyner — PRV’s

The H+N storefront windows announced Lindsay Rhyner’s PRV’s in big blocky yellow letters mirroring the big blocky yellow letters PRL of our Corcoran neighbor Punk Rawk Labs (of vegan cheese fame).

Inside, encircling the main room, Rhyner’s 15 PRV’s (punk rock vests) swayed on suspended torsos. Adornments of hand-marbling and found fabric treasures: LeSportsac zippers, video game logos, the oddest orange poppies, studs.

The BackRoom trip: dark, cracked mirror encrusted, wicker mannequin with a great ass, laser pointers, enormous fake frond epaulettes.

The Basement placement of Rhyner’s intricate tapestries —Tiger Eye, Tree, Autumn, Coral Reef — brought a tropical vibe in the dead of winter.

December 12-15 the Basement tapestries were joined by the interactive swimming meditation video game INTERIOR STROLL by Portland filmmaker Hannah Piper Burns. Players navigated a fleshy/crystaline cave environment with genital joysticks. Co-presented as part of Cellular Cinema’s C.A.V.E. FESTIVAL.

H+N MAGAZINE ISSUE#3 includes a review of Lindsay Rhyner’s PRV’s by Sean Smuda, a Trump transition rant by Ryan Fontaine, and a caption-n-image column by Kristin Van Loon.