REPETITION IS CHANGE:::ECSTATIC/RESTRAINED // Ryan Fontaine + Kristin Van Loon // 4.22.17 – 5.26.17

Ryan Fontaine + Kristin Van Loon
Repetition Is Change:::Ecstatic/Restrained

Season Two closed out with a collaborative show by H+N co-founders Ryan Fontaine and Kristin Van Loon. The title a riff on John Cage. The show a manifestation of a two-year long-distance sharing-witnessing-cheerleading of each others’ studio practices, now in the gallery space they created together. Fontaine presents 16 new works along with 2014’s Bleach Bottle. Epoxy resin paintings, new mold work, assemblage plus tape returns, this time scaled huge. Color-blocked basement floor—a bespoke setting to extend painting verging on sculpture into installation realm. Fontaine’s epoxy-resin spills into the BackRoom to bring a showroom floor sparkle to the dimly-lit Cate Blanchett—a three-wall brochure lamination staged with a Bill Cunningham browsing station in choreographer Van Loon’s first art exhibition.

On May 26, H+N hosted a public conversation with artists Ryan Fontaine and Kristin Van Loon with art critic/curator Sheila Dickinson.

The show served as decor for a dance performance by HIJACK (Kristin Van Loon + Arwen Wilder) with Kevin Kirsch as part of the COPA Art Crawl on May 6.

H+N MAGAZINE ISSUE #5 includes writing about the show by Fontaine, Van Loon, and Sean Smuda.

A mini scale model of the show including 12 dolled-up Ruth Bader Ginsberg visitors was shown in the Yeah Maybe garage sale.