SHATTERSQUELCH/THE UTMOST NATURAL // Hannah Piper Burns/Ryan Fontaine // 1.11.19-2.10.19


Hannah Piper Burns/Ryan Fontaine
Shattersquelch/The Utmost Natural

Hannah Piper Burns describes her interactive installation Shattersquelch as “a psychotopographical method of loci, navigated with a non-Newtonian control system.”  Imagine a crystalline, shattered, blue sky video game navigated by your hand in slime.

Ryan Fontaine’s The Utmost Natural reveals a number of new paintings, wildly varying in scale, including several huge-scale oil paintings and assemblage-type hybrids. His signature 2-d/3-d confounding is at play within and on top of the picture plane. Two distinct environments embrace the basement-y basement. Foils for each other, expect a tropical brightness (just in time for the January winter depths) vs. the hairy night. So lush, so sinister, so body. 

artists bios:
Hannah Piper Burns
lives in Portland, Oregon. Over the last year has mounted a solo exhibition, Venus Retrograde, at the Portland Art Museum as part of the APEX series curated by Grace Kook-Anderson, juried the Onion City Experimental Film Festival in Chicago, and showed new work in group shows at Outback Arthouse in Los Angeles and Paragon Arts Center in Portland. When she’s not making and curating experimental multimedia time-based art, she practices casual divination and enjoys Jazzercise.

Ryan Fontaine
is an artist, musician, and curator working in a wide range of media with a focus on painting and sculpture. His art has long been intertwined with the performance and gallery spaces he has launched and helped run. These include Spurkraft(PDX), Pirate Town(PDX), MALA’s, the Church, Medusa, The Temporary Autonomous Museum of Contemporary Art, Oval Headley(PDX). Currently he co-directs, with partner Kristin Van Loon, HAIRandNAILS Contemporary Art. His research on how art lives within this particular building and how visitors interact and collaborate with the art and programming that lives within this particular building and how it radiates beyond the physical confines of the space is ongoing and constantly revealing new lines of inquiry.



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