SOFT/HARD SURFACE/SOUND // Jasmine Peck + Ryan Fontaine // 10.4.19 – 11.2.19

Jasmine Peck says of her work: “The ceramic forms that I bring into being are both grounded in our bodily reality and hovering in a strange blobby uncanniness. I want viewers to become aware of their bodies when encountering my work, to ask themselves; what the standards are for how a body should look? Where can a body inhabit space? What goes into a body and what comes out? I am also searching for the boundaries of the body: where does the inside stop being the inside?  While we may have vastly different bodies on the exterior, we share multitudes of interior commonalities. The investigation of the organs we share, and the feelings we have in regards to our bodies brings us together to cope with what we cannot otherwise come to terms with.”

Ryan FontaineRyan Fontaine brings a collection of 5 objects that fall somewhere near the intersection of painting and sculpture. There are painterly abstract works as well as absurd assemblage that hang from the ceiling, anchor to the floor and strap to the wall and themselves. These large-scale pieces are designed to control every wall in the gallery by taking up too much space, becoming architectural, creating a relationship with the viewer that is immersive and oversaturated.

Artist bios:
Jasmine Peck is a sculptural ceramic artist. Her practice is an intersection of material studies that emcompasses drawing, sculpture, performance and installation. Peck’s work utilizes the human body as a site for exploration of cultural norms, bodily functions, and ideals around beauty and the grotesque. Peck graduated with an MFA from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities in 2018, has shown nationally and internationally, most recently exhibited in the National Conference on Education for the Ceramic Arts.

Ryan Fontaine is a visual artist, musician, writer and performance presenter whose material-oriented work deals with repetition of imagery, mediated experience and shifting perspective and how these elements affect the world we inhabit. He co-runs HAIRandNAILS Contemporary Art with his partner, choreographer/dancer Kristin Van Loon. His most recent work was the performative installation JEALOUSY, a Minnesota States Art Board funded collaboration with dance group HIJACK (Kristin Van Loon + Arwen Wilder) and Heidi Eckwall.


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Ryan Fontaine “

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