THE REALITY OF REPEATABILITY // Andrew Mazorol and Ryan Fontaine // 12.5.2018-1.4.2019

Ryan Fontaine and Andrew Mazorol – The Reality of Repeatability
December 5, 2018- January 4, 2019

In this two-person show of new work, Andrew Mazorol and Ryan Fontaine put their very different but somehow complimentary painting styles on display at HAIRandNAILS. The Reality of Repeatability marks the sixth time the two artists have shown together and serves as a sort of milemarker illuminating how far they have pushed their unique visions since their time as roommates and bandmates living and working in the long-running underground/punk showspace Medusa on the West Bank. Witnesses of each others’ early attempts to establish distinct voices in the visual art context, they have followed very different paths back to Minneapolis and this moment in time. Fontaine’s ran thru San Francisco, returning last September to start HAIRandNAILS and continue his artistic research, projecting a fluidity between abstract to object to representation. His complex structures of two and three dimensions shy away from straightforward or easy narrative, leaving a lingering sense of unease with more questions asked than answered. Currently residing in Brooklyn, NY, Mazorol returns to his hometown with a series of abstract scenes that employ the strange crash of fleshed out perspective against flattened fields of patterned figures to blazing effect